Festivals Directory

Most wine enthusiasts will jump on the chance to learn more about their favourite beverage and there is no better opportunity to do so than at a wine festival.

There are numerous such events held throughout B.C.'s wine regions, so you may want to time your visit accordingly.

Cornucopia: Whistler's Celebration of Food & Wine - November
Cowichan Wine & Culinary Festival - September
Okanagan Wine Festivals - May, October and January
Taste: Victoria's Festival of Food & Wine - July
Tofino Food & Wine Festival - June
Vancouver International Wine Festival - February/March

The whole point of a festival is to celebrate wine, to build appreciation and to rub elbows with people with like interests. Organizers of such events make it easy for you by taking care of all the details.

These extravaganzas are jammed with tastings, seminars and dinners, with options to suit just about every pocketbook. You'll get the opportunity to sample dozens of wines in one setting and be able to converse with the very people who make or market them.

If you plan to attend one, get your hand on a festival program prior to your trip and book tickets to events you have your heart set on well in advance. The growing popularity of B.C. wine means many of the more popular events will sell out fast.


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