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Wine Soaked Celebrations

What do you get when you combine wine, food, music and art? A mighty fine party - and British Columbians know just how to throw one.

Several festivals that celebrate the grape are offered at different intervals throughout the year. So if you time it right, you can truly enjoy all that B.C wine country has to offer through any number of unique experiences and venues.

A number of festivals focus exclusively on local wines and are held in celebration of critical intervals throughout wine's production period. For example, spring is a time of renewal with vineyards coming to life and this hope is reflected in the celebrations. Fall festivals toast the harvest and it's not unusual to be served your wine by vintners with hands purple from the crush. Activities at this time celebrate the season's bounty.

Each region with a thriving local wine industry holds some sort of celebration during the year. Some are grassroots, held open air, in open fields where local wines flow freely alongside rustic regional, seasonal cuisine. Others feature a bit more glitz and glamour, held in formal settings and attract celebrities.

You can take part in large tasting events featuring 50-plus wineries and hundreds of wines. But you can also opt for more intimate dinners, where food is prepared and served to enhance and showcase a select number of wines.

A couple B.C. festivals are international in focus, while still embracing regional producers. They recognize that local wines need to stand in a world-wide market and provide an opportunity for consumers to sample B.C. products side-by-side with their foreign competitors.

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