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Travelers to British Columbia wine country come from all walks of life. There are those with the taste and demands of royalty and the budget to match. Others are looking for affordable but comfortable accommodations for their vacation. And then there are those who seek a rugged experience consisting of little more than a tent and a fire pit. Whatever your preference, B.C. has options to meet every need, desire and financial reality.

Travelers here can opt to bed down at a five-star resort or escape to the backcountry. They can set up at an RV park or book a room at a family-friendly motel with a waterslide and games room. Their accommodations could overlook the ocean or a lake, vineyard, nature preserve or lively city street. Visitors can splurge on room service, indulge in an on-site spa and valet service, or choose a campsite to cook over an open fire at a remote locale.

That's the beauty of B.C. One only needs to do a bit of research to find something that fits the bill.

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