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B.C. Wine Country
Industry Review

If you were to visit B.C. Wine Country every year for the next 10 years, chances are you still wouldn't cover everything it has to offer. That's because there are almost than 250 grape wineries (299 if you include those which make other fruit wines) in the province, offering unique experiences and thousands of signature wines. It's culturally, naturally diverse and the unique terroir from the Gulf Islands to deep in the interior make for scores of eclectic wines.

Once considered an up-and-coming region, B.C. Wine Country now tops lists of notable international wine destinations. It's a magnet for its natural beauty, its enduring hospitality, its varied culture and countless attractions.

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Wine Routes
by Region

What is your take on the ideal getaway?

Is it wine soaked or sun soaked? Is it spent swinging on the links or basking on the beach? Is it all about cruising on the water or swooshing down the slopes? Is it about biting into a fresh picked apple or savouring an impeccably prepared meal?

How about if you could have all of the above and more? Would that fit the bill? Well, British Columbia Wine Country aims to deliver. It's one of the places on earth where you can ski, golf and tour a winery all on the same day.

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Wine + Golf Pairing 

For decades now British Columbia has been a top destination for people who love to swing - a club that is.

In recent years, however, vacationers have been seeking dual enjoyment - planning a trip that encompasses not just one great love, but two. Sometimes this is to balance one person's passion with another's.  Like, say, a husband's bucket list to play every golf course in the world and his wife's obsession with shopping for shoes.

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